ASSIGNMENT:  Word Chapter #3 – Creating a Business Letter with a Letterhead and Table

REMINDER:  Do NOT forget to add the HEADER correctly to each document
REMINDER:  All Chapter Documents are to be printed, stapled, and turned in together in your bin!

Lee Vendor Letter – Chapter Work
Applying Your Knowledge – Fall Semester Schedule (Pgs. #WD174 – #WD175)
Lab #1 – Internship Letter (Pgs. #WD179 – #WD180)
Lab #2 – Confirmation Letter (Pgs. #WD180 – #WD182)

Word Chapter #3 Review Questions – WORD BANK: 

building block, cell, clear formatting, column boundary, date line, dimension, end-of-cell mark, Floating, inline, nonbreaking hyphen, nonbreaking space, row boundary, tab character, tab stop, table, table resize handle, floating

Word Chapter #3 Quiz