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*Complete and turn in Review Assignment in your bin


Student Data File Location: File Explorer – Click this PC – Click Business Folder – Click Iwema Folder – Click Digital Apps – Click SDF Word – Click Module 1

ASSIGNMENT:  Word Chapter #1 – Creating, Formatting, and Editing a Word Document with a Picture

REMINDER:  Do NOT forget to add the HEADER correctly to each document
REMINDER:  All Documents are to be printed, stapled, and turned in together in your bin!

  • Surf Flyer – Chapter Work
    • Image Location – This PC-Business Drive-Common Folder-Iwema Folder-Digital Apps Folder-SDF Word Folder-Module 1
  • Applying Your Knowledge – Graduation Flyer (Pg. #WD48-#WD49)
  • Lab #1 – Commodity Trading Flyer (Pgs. #WD52 – #WD54)
  • Lab #2 – Spring Break Flyer (Pgs. #WD54 – #WD56)

Word Chapter #1 Review Questions

Word Chapter #1 Quiz