Cyber Security-W

Activity 1.2 – Security and the Internet Quick Guide

  • Activity 1.2.1 Firewalls and Malware
  • Activity 1.2.2 File Management
  • Activity 1.2.3 Process Management
  • Activity 1.2.4 Securing Your Browser
  • Project 1.2.4 It’s a Trap!

Complete Activity 1.2.1 – Approximately 2 Classes

Snipping Tool Instructions

  • Open the Snipping Tool from the Windows Start menu. It automatically opens in snip mode, ready to take a snip/screenshot. 
    • If you are not ready to snip, click Cancel.
    • When you are ready to snip, click New.
  • Click and drag your cursor over the portion of the screen you want to capture.
  • Click the Save Snip button (or File Save As…) and save the image as a .PNG file.
  • To take a new snip, click New.