Web Project #1 Quiz Today

DAY #3 – PROJECT #1 – BISTRO SITE ORGANIZATION (Files already in Portfolio Folder-No Need to Copy)


  • Add comment to each webpage below in <head> section
    • Open page – about.html and lunch-menu.html and click code
    • click right after the </title> and hit enter
    • <!– Your Name, Period #7, February 25, 2020, Bistro Site –>
  • Add comment to the styles.css page
    • /* Your Name, Period #7, February 25, 2020, Bistro Site */
  • Page Code to Print: about.html, lunch-menu.html, and styles.css
  • Screen Prints: index.html and events.html
    • Open each of the above pages in google chrome
    • reduce the size of the browser to fit all materials
    • click windows start button
    • Type in snipping tool
    • Click New and select the entire page – when it asks, save the image on your desktop as capture
    • Repeat steps for second page and save as capture 2
    • Open word and add your name, period # and today’s date
    • click insert menu and go to desktop and choose capture image.
    • Repeat step to select capture2
    • Resize images make sure both fit on front of page #1 of your document
  • Staple documents – styles, then about, then lunch-menu, and the screen prints

QUESTIONS:  Project #1 Review Questions (Page #63)

QUIZ:  Complete Quiz over Project #1