Final Website CreationNew GOOGLE Site

We are going to take the final Web Project to build a site that involves your perfect vacation. This site is going to represent providing information for a futuristic vacation. Money is of no concern and you can be as extravagant as you would like to be. The PROJECT will be due May 19th (You have till end of day on the 19th). Please make sure you provide images, videos, text, and any other items that will make your site stand out.

Page Names

Page #1 – Your Initials and Vacation = TI Vacation
Page #2 – Lodging
Page #3 – Schedule
Page #4 – Dining
Page #5 – Budget

Banner – The banner must fit your overall theme and include navigation. It should be consistent on all pages.

Page #1 – The main section of page #1 should include information about your destination and include anything that will provide what your destination has to offer. Include images, videos, and text.

Page #2 – The bottom part of your page should be about your destination lodging. You must include images, videos, and text to show off your choice of lodging. Please include any amenities that are provided by your lodging.

Page #3 – Provide a daily schedule for your plans for the trip. You must include a schedule for 7 days. Each day must have entries with information and times you plan to accomplish. Please make sure you label and separate each day.

Page #4 – This page is centered around dining. You are to provide information for a restaurant you plan to attend each day. Therefore, it should include 7 different restaurants. You need to provide what you plan to eat from each restaurant. You will need to provide the name, address, and phone number for each location. You must also include an image that shows the place is real and a link to the restaurant.

Page #5 – This page is a budget page to demonstrate how much this trip will cost. You will need to include transportation costs. This could include flights, gas, and or rental cars. You can use a website to provided an educated guess on gas costs. It will need to include hotel costs. Please use the hotel site to calculate a cost for your stay. Please don’t actually reserve this. You must also include food, ticket, costs, entertainment, and any other expenses you might incur.

Have fun with this site, but please make sure you include everything!