Apps – B


  • Expectations will change daily. 
  • Process will include using GOOGLE MEET at the beginning of class each day to go over what is expected.  In most cases students will be doing the same thing as e-learners as they will be in my classroom.
  • We will take attendance and then go over things you will be responsible for that day.
  • Students at school will be given log-in numbers they will use each day to save materials they complete in class.  You will turn items in the baskets at the back of the room.
  • E-learners will be sharing things with me through google.  You will need to complete each assignment in word and then save the document in google and sharing it with me.


  • All textbooks for Mr. Iwema’s classes will be online this year. We are working on access through canvas.

ASSIGNMENTS – Please go to Canvas to access your Assignments

  • All Classes Email Assignment (25 points)
  • Digital Applications Review Assignments
    • Memo (25 Points)
    • Personal Business Letter (25 Points)
    • Business Letter (25 Points)