**LUNCH – We have A Lunch

Textbook and Simulator

  • All textbook and simulators will be online. Your only issue may be connection speed especially with the simulator.
  • You will use a digital notebook for all notes for this course. You will be allowed to use the digital notebook on all tests EXCEPT the end of course assessment.  We did not take this last year due to covid-19.
  • Digital Notebook pages can be found on my site ( (Links to an external site.)) or canvas.
  • The Digital Notebook is VERY IMPORTANT as you use information from section in other sections of the course.
  • Working in teams is very important in cybersecurity.


  • Log-in to – CLICK on COURSES and check out your textbook (10 Minutes)
    • Create a password for yourself
      • Hover your name and choose MY PROFILE
    • Go over how the text works.
  • Please REVIEW the Courses Features in the Getting Started section of your textbook. (15 Minutes)
  • Observe – Kaspersky Cyberthreat real-time map – LINK (Links to an external site.) (5 Minutes)
  • Open a Google Document and Name the Document – Cyber Journal Entries (25 Minutes)
    • Line #1 – Cyber Journal Entries
    • Line #2 – Student Name
    • Line #3 – Blank Line
    • Line #4 – Journal Entry #1
      • Include Title, Date, and Summary of the Item. Make it Interesting Please