ASSIGNMENT – 8/27/2020

E-LEARNERS that do not have Microsoft Office must create an account and access the ONLINE version of Microsoft Word.

This LINK (Links to an external site.) will help you if you need help with directions below.

  • Create and Account –  (Links to an external site.)– Microsoft Account comes with 5GB of free OneDrive storage
  • Navigate to the Office website (Links to an external site.) and click Use free at Sign in with your Microsoft Account, and you’re taken to the Office website.
  • At the top are icons for apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. After you start creating and saving Office files, those files will appear at the bottom of the page as recent documents so you can more easily and quickly access them.

IN PERSON LEARNERS – Log in with New Log-In Numbers – Access Microsoft Word from the Start Menu


Word Module 1 SAM Textbook Project – Open

  • Open DIRECTIONS by clicking:  Word Module 1: Creating, Formatting, and Editing a Word Document with a Picture by clicking the link
  • Open:  the Microsoft Word Document and then open in WORD
  • Download:  Surfing.jpg
  • Follow Directions to complete the Surf Flyer
  • DO NOT submit through MINDTAP at this point.