WD Module #3 Creating a Business Letter with a Letterhead and Table


  • SAM Project 1
    • Download: SC_EX16_1a_StudentName_1
    • Upload to MINDTAP:  SC_EX16_1a_StudentName_2.xlsx


  • Completing SAM Project 1 in MINDTAP
    • Click the Module SAM Textbook Project 1 and then click start
    • Click the START file to download the correct document (MANDATORY)
      • Open document and click edit document if necessary
    • Click the READING section to start the textbook Project instructions
    • Complete the word document following book instructions
      • Save the finished document exactly as instructions state to your computer
    • Submit SAM Project #1 in MindTap
      • When finished – upload the current document in MINDTAP