JOURNAL – Create a WORD document. Save File as Unit #1 Journal Entries. Place a header at the top of the document with Your Name, Unit #1 Journal Entries, Period # then <enter> Today’s Date. Hit enter and copy/paste the question <enter>Type your response to the question. Response should be changed to RED text.
JOURNAL ENTRY: What are the most important qualities of a best friend?
VOCABULARY:  Answer Vocabulary Questions from Unit #1

Create Log-In for Knowledge Matters. Please document your username and password for the course. Complete this after you are given the Course Registration Code. It will be done in class today.

PFR Pre-Test: Complete the pre-test on Knowledge Matters. This pre-test is to provide a guide for the course. The grade is based on a completion of the pre-test.

SURVEY: Complete Student Well-Being Data Survey online. Wellness Survey

GUIDED NOTES:  Complete guided notes over – Money in Your Life – LINK

COLLAGE – Use Extra time to work on your Collage