Illustration & Graphics

Week Chapter Name Material
1 Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Start Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Learn how to open and save an image
  • Examine the Photoshop window
  • Close a file and exit Photoshop
  • Learn design principles and copyright rules
2 Learning Photoshop Basics
  • Use organizational and management features
  • Use the Layers and History panels
  • Learn about Photoshop by using Help
  • View and print an image
3 Working with Layers
  • Examine and convert layers
  • Add and delete layers
  • Add a selection from one image to another
  • Organize layers with layer groups and colors
4 Making Selections
  • Make a selection using shapes
  • Modify a marquee
  • Select using color and modify a selection
  • Add a vignette effect to a selection
5 Incorporating Color Techniques
  • Work with color to transform an image
  • Use the Color Picker and the Swatches panel
  • Place a border around an image
  • Blend colors using the Gradient tool
  • Add color to a grayscale image
  • Use filters, opacity, and blending modes
  • Match colors
6 Placing Type in an Image
  • Learn about type and how it is created
  • Change spacing and adjust baseline shift
  • Use the Drop Shadow style
  • Apply anti-aliasing to type
  • Modify type with Bevel and Emboss and Extrude to 3D
  • Apply special effects to type using filters
  • Create text on a path
7 Using Painting Tools
  • Paint and patch an image
  • Create and modify a brush tip
  • Use the Smudge tool
  • Use a library and an airbrush effect
8 Working with Special Layer Functions
  • Use a layer mask with a selection
  • Work with multiple masked layers
  • Control pixels to blend colors
  • Eliminate a layer mask
  • Use an adjustment layer
  • ¬∑Create a clipping mask
9 Creating Special Effects with Filters
  • Learn about filters and how to apply them
  • Create an effect with an Artistic filter
  • Add unique effects with Stylize filters
  • Alter images with Distort and Noise filters
  • Alter lighting with a Render filter
  • Use Perspective Warp and Vanishing
  • Point to add perspective