Today we start our Blue Day/White Day Schedule. You will receive assignments from Blue Day Classes today (4/13) and for White Day Classes on Tuesday (4/14). This will continue until further notice.


We will continue with our google site we created. Today we will create the content for the MOMENTS page.

  • Banner and Navigation – This should remain the same for all pages of the site.
  • Section #2 – Use any of the Google Sites Inputs to add 5 defining life moments.  You must add an Image to go along with your defining moments.  Example for me would be, Drafted at age 14 as the #1 pick in our local baseball league, Received my first Varsity Letter in Cross Country, Scored my first Basket as a Varsity Basketball Player, Signed my professional Baseball Contract, Was hired as head baseball Coach at Griffith High School, Hired as Head Baseball Coach at Lake Central, Baseball team I coached going to Final Four in IHSAA Baseball.  This should show you examples and how easy it is.  It can be something simple, something positive, something negative.  Provide a title, a description of the story, and an image to go along with the moment.
  • Section #3 – Provide a title, description, video or image that shows something you are doing now that you have NOT done before due to being isolated at home.  Set the background for this row to a different color.  Example would be playing monopoly as a family.  Board games are a big hit at my house.  Another example would be working out at home. 
  • Section #4 – In this section you are to provide information for 3 people that are the most influential in your life.  I want to you to list the persons name, a description on why this person is so influential, and an image of the person.  This could be a teacher, a coach, a parent, a family friend, a brother, sister, or friend.  Do NOT just list only your FRIENDS.

Once you have the page complete you can complete settings to publish and share with my email address. You can make it public or just share with me. We will continue to build on the site each day. I will grade based on all information included and a little on quality of design. One thing about web design is the number of options for building a site.

Please do NOT complete any other pages as you do not have the instructions or content needed.