Unit #2: Earnings

JOURNAL: Create a New Journal – How important is education to your future income? Explain why or why not!
VOCABULARY: Work on Section #1 of Vocab Sheets

ACTIVITY: Invest in Yourself Brainstorming Activity

  • Group of 3 students
  • Word Document (Create a Table) – 1 area for a heading and 3 columns
    • Insert Header = First and Last Name of each of the three people in the group
    • Title (Centered) = Invest in Yourself
    • Create a Table
      • Column 1 – Human Capital
      • Column 2 – Net Worth
      • Column 3 – Social Capital
  • Each Group should list as many items under each column


  • Human capital – the skills, knowledge, and experiences possessed by an individual (Skills & Education)
  • Net Worth – the combined value of your assets, or the things you own that have monetary value, minus the value of your liabilities — the accounts or loans that you’re paying off. (Savings & Investment Tools)
  • Social Capital – the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively. (Network of Family & Friends)

ASSIGNMENT: My Human Capital Quote

ASSIGNMENT: My Transferable Skills Worksheet\